Terms & Conditions

Dear customer, we would like to share the Terms and Condition in this section that you need to follow while using our site. These are must to be followed and the infringement of the same will be punishable.

The Usage of Data available on the site

The site might hold a variety of information which includes content, logo, images, gif’s, videos etc., every bit of the information present on the site comes under our company’s copyright and shall not be copied, sold or used by the user for personal or commercial purposes.

Malicious activities

The user shall not hack or attempt un-authorised accessing of other users data. You should not malign the site by trying to add inappropriate data to the site or hamper the site by injecting virus into the site. Any user found guilty for any such activity shall be surrendered to law and will face strict legal actions.

The Accuracy of the data present on the site

We take every precaution needed to ensure that the data that we offer to you is genuine and without any mistakes, but sometimes it can happen that the data available on the site may be not accurate and can contain grammatical and spelling errors. We shall not be responsible for any such inaccuracy of data.

The Links of Third Party

While vising your site you might come across certain links that are not from our site and links to a third party site. We warn you that these links may not be genuine and before any purchase you should check the site thoroughly, especially the policies. The terms of policies present on the third party site may differ from what we have on our site. We do not give guarantee that the content/information or the products present on the third party site are real and genuine, and so we don’t hold any responsibility for the same. The user shall not hold us responsible for any damage occurred to their account or system due to visiting the third party site.