Returns & Refunds

When it comes to our products or services, we always ensure the highest of quality, and so returns & refunds are usually not required for our products. And, if in case you want to opt for a refund or return, we make sure that everything is settled out without any hassles. There are few conditions owing to which the user can put forth a request for refund and returns:

1) If the product at the time of delivery is in a damaged condition.
2) If the delivered product is not the one you had ordered for.
3) if product with a surpassed expiry date has been delivered to you.
4) There is change in the quantity/number of products as compared to the number you ordered from the website.

For any of the above mentioned conditions you can go for a refund or return. Once your request is found genuine the actual amount excluding the import duty charges, will be transferred to you immediately. Sometimes, it might take some time for the money to get credited to your account. Please inform us if the money does not get credited to your account even after 30 days of you being informed of money being transferred to your account.


You can apply for a cancellation request only within the first 24 hours of the order being placed.
Note: Once the order is dispatched from the store house the order will not be canceled