Privacy Policy

Our customer privacy is our top most concern and to avoid any inconvenience to our customers and to protect their valuable information, we safeguard their data using the power of the latest methods of technology. We believe that you have every right to know the facts about the data we collect form you and its usage. So, here in our Privacy Policy we have in detailed mentioned the purpose of the data collected from you and the usage of the same. Please read the entire policy.

Data Collected

We collect data from you using two different modes – The direct and the indirect methods. The data that we collect from you or the one which you provide to us via the order form is the direct data. This data, as known, is utilized for efficient communication, right time delivery purpose, and for other such requirements in regards to the order. This data that you enter in the order form is not permanently stored with us. Once the order is received by you and the entire order processing is completed, this data is deleted from our database. The other method we use to collect your data is ‘Cookies’. The data collected is utilized to enhance your browsing experience with our site.


These are files that we save in your system to retrieve information like which all pages did you visit on our site, which product page you visited the most, the types of products you were searching for in our site, etc. This information helps us to set the site according to your preferences so that when you visit our site the next time, you will have a better browsing experience. If you are not in favor of cookies you can stop them anytime you wish. All you have to do is disable the cookies, which you can do easily by going to the setting section. We warn you in advance that some of the site’s features will not be accessible to you if you disable our cookies.


We have a high quality guarding System that is embedded with the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology that double protects the data using the encryption methodology.

Disclosure of the database

Your data is 100% safe with us. We don’t disclose your personal information that you have entrusted with us to any other person/third party/ organization*. As mentioned earlier any of the data that you provide to us through the order form is only temporarily saved with us, the only data that remains saved with us is the information that you share with us while creating a customer account with the site, the same gets deleted once you/we delete your account from the website.

* There are few situations wherein we might be obliged to share your data with a third party or organization. The situations have been stated below:
1) For delivery purposes, if a third party is involved, then some of your personal information like your name and address will have to be divulged to them, but nothing is there to be worried about, as they are bounded by contract with strict clauses enclosed regarding the usage of the data.
2) If a legal inquiry comes against you, and the government issues an order to disclose your information