1) Does the company accept debit cards as well?
A. NO, only the credit card system is what we follow.

2) Is there an option for ‘Cash on delivery’?
A. Sorry, we only offer an online cash payment system using credit card details.

3) What is the exact process of placing an order with you?
A. It is very simple. All you have to do is first create an account on our website. The second login to your account, choose your favorite products, and add them to your shopping cart. Fill the order form and submit. For payment – our customer care executives will contact you to collect the payment details. There is also an option for the guest users to do the online payment since it is not mandatory to create an account before purchasing. The steps are to follow the steps as instructed after the check-out and place an order.

4) Can I shop for multiple products and order them in one go?
A. Yes, just add them all in the shopping cart and then simply click the checkout button!

5) How to check whether my order is confirmed or not?
A. Immediately after you place your order, an order confirmation mail is sent to you confirming that your order has been successfully placed with us.

6) Is it necessary to create an account to place an order?
A. No, We do offer a guest checkout option, for which you don’t need an account. But, we do recommend to create an account with us, as there are various benefits associated when you create an account with us like reward points, discounts, etc.